European Young Engineers Forum

The European Young Engineer Forum (EYEF) is about bringing European engineers together, sharing thoughts, work and expertise.
EYEF 2015 has a big theme, namely Collaborative Engineering – The European way. The main theme consists of two subthemes:

1) Future technologies & challenges and
2) the Image of engineering in Europe.

This year the theme involves collaboration in its essence. Vast projects with high social interest between European countries are presented. Engineers from different countries with diverse backgrounds work together to accomplish visionary goals.
As Young Engineers we want to have our voices heard. And this event is the right place for that, because we are the engineers of the present and future, the global engineer, the professional who is in the middle of society and focused on its improvement.

The EYEF program includes one day of conference with a very exclusive and transversal program. The days after the conference is fully planned with workshops, subordinates on engineer matters and professional valorisation, technical visits and knowledge transfer sections.


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